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Episode 41: Moment To Pause

Februari 16, 2015

A moment to pause.


Commuterline captured at night hour

Between a commuting life.

Am I currently trapped inside a rat race? Yes? No? Or i have no idea at all?!

When the routines rules, driven by short goals only to complete sets of to-do-list, just to spend the day, to survive, then what kind of life that we currently have? are we living a meaningful life or no better then a walking dead?

Question that i’m not able to answer while pressed and distracted by daily chaotic task. But there’s one time i can always rely on to find the answer of that questions. It is a moment of pause between all the translation. A moment to take a still picture and see through all the commotions. Not a moment we get, but a moment we made.

A moment to pause.

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